Answers and Free Lunch in Spain
Answers and Free Lunch in Spain

Have you heard about this really informative free lunch seminar that takes place regularly here in Costa Blanca? Since June 2014 experts from four local companies have answered over 3,000 questions from the people who have attended. I think this is fantastic and a really great opportunity.

How wonderful would it be to be able to ask the experts in various fields about how things work in Spain?

Once again the highly respected UK & Spanish companies based in Costa Blanca are inviting all British, Irish & European nationals, spending time or living in Spain, to a meeting to answer all the questions they have regarding life in Spain. Some of the topics that will be covered will be as follows:-

  1. How can I make my savings grow?
  2. Who qualifies for a refund for their Spanish Mortgage?
  3. Do I need a Spanish Will?
  4. Inheritance law and taxes in Spain, what is best for me and my family?
  5. If you are transferring money regularly to Spain, where can you get the best currency exchange rates?
  6. How can I get Health Cover here in Spain?
  7. How can I find my lost pension?

Experts from four companies will also be providing professional advice on Tax, Pensions, Investments, Currency Exchange, Spanish Law, Wills and Insurance.

Everybody who wishes to attend the event can send their questions in advance and the answer will be provided at the meeting. How fantastic is that!! We could have all done with this type of event ages ago.

Once all the questions have been answered then everybody will get a free lunch at Quesada Fish & Chips in Villamartin Plaza

The event will begin at 12 noon on Thursday 26th January.

Lunch will be served at 1.30pm.

To register your question and to attend this unique event you can e-mail with your name, address and telephone number or call 685 733 278. Spaces are limited so I am off to register right now. The thing is I have about ten questions that need answers. Apparently the experts will have an answer for each one! Great news.