During the last month at Finca San Miguel de Salinas we had some good news and some sad news.

We had to celebrate our Christmas party, with Sol and Patriks hairaction at Bar Establo because of the bad weather, thank you Gaby.

Despite the rain a lot of people turned up and it was a great succes and we would like to thank Cheers Bar Restaurant  and also Restaurant Bar Wolfies for their sponsors and support!

The bad weather damaged the wall where normally 4 of their horses are staying, and we are looking for volunteers who can help to rebuild it with us.

A couple of days later, 2 sheep were found in the area of Calgos del Sol, they were left behind by their Shepherd. Puddles came first, but died on Christmas day, Dolly came later and looked very fit, but unfortunately, she also died. RIP Puddles and Dolly.

We also rescued Dina, a German Sheperd, who would otherwise have lived the rest of her life on a chain. She has been neutered, she is doing very well, and she might now have found her forever home in the UK!

On Saturday the 7th of January we organised a THANK YOU party at the Finca. All the food and drinks were 1 euro, it was a great afternoon, lots of people turned up and the sun was shining,

Angela Richards was there with her great raffle, she raised 222 euro for the animals of the finca! Also thanks to Ron and Yvonne, they made and donated very nice sate, and thanks to all the cakemakers.

Finca San Miguel de Salinas is supported by Happy Animales Spanien, founded by Mona Nowak.

The next Open Day is on Saturday the 28th of January from 1pm to 5pm. If you would like to come along please do so. You can bring carrots, apples, dog biscuits, dog food, big tins from Aldi, or make a small donation, or you could be a food sponsor for either 5 or 10 euro per month.

For more information join their Facebook group fincasanmigueldesalinas, or call Mona 616 792 365 or email