T.M.G.S. @ CAMPOAMOR 7/12/17

Photo; Gold category winners.

40 members and just a couple of guests turned up on what could be said was the best day of the week regarding the weather conditions and after the recent rain the results of last months over seeding could be clearly seen.

Today’s format was just a straight forward Stableford and with the said conditions everyone was expecting the scoring to be high. Alas it was a lone Viking who was the only member to break par and Ove Cederberg’s 37 points won him top spot on the podium in the Gold category.

For last months’ visit due to the reseeding the tees were forward, today they were back on the main tee boxes and it’s clear to see that the extra distance did have an effect on the Silver and bronze category N.T.P. Only Remi Matikainen managed to hit the green on hole 17 and no one hit the green from the Bronze category on hole 15!

Full results: N.T.P. Competition, hole 4 new member Ian Sutehall, hole 6 Mick Kennedy, hole 10 Bob Watson, hole 15 Nada, hole 17 Remi Matikainen. Viking and Ships Captain Ole Rong was the only member to make a “2” to collect the €34 on offer. Best of the 2 guests E. Asp 35 pts.  Bronze category; 3rd Rose Cox 30 pts. 2nd C. Marsden 32 pts. 1st J. Dursley 35 pts. Silver category; A. Rickers 32 pts. L/H, 2nd R. Matikainen 32 pts. L/H, 1st J. Davidson 34 pts. Gold category 3rd K. Aasebo 32 pts. 2nd B. Watson 34 pts. 1st O. Cederberg 37 pts.

Photo; Gold category winners.

On the 19th December we will be celebrating Christmas at La Marquesa, 4 ball Texas scramble with prizes for the best fancy dressed followed by a meal in the clubhouse (free to members) for more info about our Society visit www.tmgs.org or www.facebook/TMGSGOLF or call us on 661 524 101


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