Las Salinas Petanca

The winter league is now into its 3rd week, and we are now all moaning that it is too cold. in division 1 amigos belgas 1 go top of the league with a 7-1 victory, closely followed by los bandidos 1 who had a hard fought victory 5-3 away from home. Rocajuna stay 3rd with a 6-2 win. Lakeside lakers move up the division with a 7-1 home win.

In division 2 lakeside mosquitos drew with amigos belgas 3  4-4 and stay top of the league.El mirador hawks stay 2nd with a hard fought victory 5-3 over pumas, Danish dynamite go 4th with a 5-3 victory, corsairs move up the division with a 6-2 win. In division 3 dominos mc coys stay top with a 7-1 victory, guardamar stay 2nd with a 6-2 victory, xps stay 3rd a close win 5-3 over peacocks red, buddies bar move up to 4th place with a 6-2 win.

In division 4 league leaders blagul 2  coasted past florentilles, rocajuna lions stay 2nd with a 5-3 victory, torre bears 2 in 3rd place with a 5-3 win. San Miguel tigers stay 4th with a 5-3 win. In division 5 league leaders falcons lost at home to los altos diamond 5-3 dominos phoenix won 5-3 to stay third, lakeside ramblers won 5-3 to stay 4th, other result in this division alioth 4-4 to peacocks blue .In division 6 dominos knights stay top with a 7-1 win 2nd place boulero drew away at laguna rosa 4-4, los bandidos 2 move into 3rd place with a 6-2 victory over freebooters, other result in this division was an 8-0 win for torre del agua.

There will be a mixed triples competition on the 14th November were all the money raised will be going to charity at the end of the season. Thanks to all our sponsors Sanchez Butron, casas Manuel, Mcoys renta car, dominos bar, Mumbai blue, pit stop café bar, raven sports wear and tyres neumatico.

Linda S Haymes


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