Yesterday, 12th September, a meeting was held by the Masonic Homes of Valencia, at which, they decided to donate €10.000 to the Bomberos of Javea to help replace badly needed equipment which was destroyed or worn out in the recent fires in that area.

As you will probably know, the Bomberos have reacted magnificently to these tragic fires, some apparently deliberately set, which have destroyed around twenty houses and devastated the local countryside. Many people had to be evacuated and much collateral damage was done to homes, gardens, and the surrounding countryside, some of which will take years to recover.

The Bomberos fought valiantly at great personal risk for eighteen, or more, straight hours, risking their lives to help save us, the citizens of Javea. Much of their equipment can only be used a finite number of times before needing replacement.

The Masonic Homes of Valencia thought that this brave dedication to duty should not go un-noticed or unrewarded and so made this very welcome decision to help the men who have helped us so much. I am sure that every affected home in Javea will agree that this is a well justified donation and will help to restore the equipment so much needed.

The secretary of the Bomberos, Ms Emma Lawton, was delighted to hear the news. Unfortunately the President and Treasurer are away at present so a formal presentation will be made at a later date.

WBro William Turney Press Officer

Provincial Grand Lodge of Valencia


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