If you are looking for a new challenge this autumn, learning to paint and draw is a wonderful way to relax, meet new friends and to discover a talent you never knew you had.

Learning to do something creative actually has a very calming effect on the brain. It’s incredibly relaxing and rewarding, and a pastime you can take up even if you have restricted mobility. Over the years I’ve known people reduce their medication, overcome stress and depression and discover an ability they never dreamed was there, simply by learning to draw and paint. Even those with serious illnesses have found relief and companionship in the friendly atmosphere of an art class.

I always encourage beginners to spend the first few weeks learning to draw accurately as it is such an important building block to becoming a good artist, and all initial equipment and exercises are provided. After that they can choose whether to try watercolours, oil, pastels or acrylics

I currently have two classes each week; Monday mornings at PALS Social Club, La Siesta (10.30-1.00 pm), and Thursday mornings are at La Herradura Restaurant (next to the REPSOL Garage) in Los Montesinos from 10.00 – 12.15pm. I hope to start a third class on Tuesday or Wednesday mornings when a suitable venue presents itself

There is more information on my website or call me on 680 961 025

You can see my original artwork work, and fine art prints at La Herradura where I have a permanent exhibition.

Suzanne Stokes


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