Moncloa Palace opens its doors to the general public


Moncloa Palace opens its doors to the general public

As from September, visits to Moncloa Palace will no longer be restricted to groups of schoolchildren and university students but will be opened up to all members of the general public. Anyone wishing to see the complex that accomodates the President of the Government of Spain and the rooms where the meetings of the Council of Ministers take place, will be able to do so thanks to the initiative launched under the Open Moncloa Programme.

​The Moncloa Palace Complex cannot be a site that is sealed off to the general public as this heritage belongs to all Spaniards and, as such, should be open to everyone. This is the philosophy adopted by the new government of Pedro Sánchez and its response to a wish from the public calling for a more open approach, closer ties with the public and greater transparency.

To that end, the Government has launched this new programme that seeks to respond to that public’s open-door demand from their representatives.

Open Moncloa will get underway in September with one weekly visit open to the general public. It will consist of a guided tour around the complex and its gardens, including visits to the buildings that house the Council of Ministers and the State Secretariat for Communication where the weekly press briefings are held after the Council of Ministers meetings.

Spaces will be limited and prior bookings will be required via an online form that will soon be available on the website at