The following is a true story (name changed).

Amy, my daughter, was a funny kid, always up to mischief, she was so friendly, she would come in from the park where she grew up in, telling me about all the new friends she had made, the neighbours knew her by name because she always had a smile and a bit of chat for everyone.

Without knowing why, Amy began to struggle from the age of 12, she withdrew and her behaviour changed and we became increasingly concerned. Myself and her father were extremely active in her life even though we split two years earlier, we had a great co-parenting model and Amy was very close to her father and adored him.

After trying to understand why she had been acting out, she finally disclosed that when she was 12, she was sexually abused by a person who was known to her and in a position of trust.  She was 1 of 5 victims at the hands of the same man.

When she was 15 Amy was subjected to a cyber bullying incident that resulted in her locking herself in our bathroom and consuming paracetamol and bleach in an attempt to end her suffering.

We took her to Hospital, who were fantastic and made sure we had our 1st appointment with a Specialist Consultant, from this point we were let down as a family, as we did not know where to turn.

After 9 extremely tough months on trying to cope with caring for a child post suicide attempt and giving her reasons to live and value herself once again, Amy, aged just 16yr, left our home and was never seen alive again.

As a family we are devastated by the loss of Amy but we will now campaign for a greater awareness of Organisations that may be able to assist with such situations.  Samaritans is just such an Organisation that you can talk to and they will listen in complete confidence to your story

This one is for you baby girl, you were so caring in nature and hated to see anybody hurting and even through your own plight you still tried to be a fun and friendly influence for those around you, who are missing you greatly.

If you want to Talk about any that is causing you distress, then contact SAMARITANS IN SPAIN – You Talk We Listen.

Freephone 900 525 100 – Email