Sueña Torrevieja warns of decrease in Padron numbers

Sueña Torrevieja warns of decrease in Padron numbers

Pablo Samper, the municipal spokesman for the independent Political Party, Sueña Torrevieja, has warned of the worrying decrease of numbers currently registered on the Padron.

He says that according to date produced by INE, the Spain Statistical Office, Torrevieja is losing it’s population at an enormous pace and at a disturbing rate: having fallen in just 4 years from 105,000 inhabitants in 2013 to 83,500 in 2017.

Samper, argues that “obviously this leads to a series of negative consequences: loss of competences that affect everyone in the town, including our trade, fewer business opportunities and a reduction of State funding, a rather delicate issue since all municipalities are funded according the size of their population.” 

“This decrease in population will inevitably jeopardise future budgets in future years.”

Sueña Torrevieja has therefore proposed an initiative similar to the one that has been implemented in bordering municipalities: a campaign in different languages, with a printed leaflets distributed by the municipality in which the list the advantages of registering in the municipality, access to public services (transport, sports, social welfare, culture), as well as the possibility of discounts at events, and priority with access to training courses, etc.

Samper has appealed to the council that the process be implemented as a matter of urgency before the population decreases further.