WATCH: No disruption for British Expats regardless of BREXIT outcome


British Expats will be welcome to remain in Spain even if the BREXIT outcome is no deal.

The statement was made by Alfonso Dastis, Spain’s Foreign Secretary, on the BBC One’s Andrew Marr Show: ” on Sunday.

Dastis said his government would ensure that the lives of ordinary Britons in Spain are “not disrupted” in the event of a “no deal” Brexit. They will  be allowed to continue living in Spain even if Britain leaves the European Union without striking a withdrawal deal.

He said that with 17 million British visitors coming to Spain annually, and with over 300,000 British citizens living in Spain, about a third of which are retired, the two countries enjoy a special economic and social relationship which will be closely safeguarded regardless of the BREXIT outcome.

Some commentators may seize upon Mr Dastis’s comments as evidence that a no deal Brexit is a workable solution.