Bigastro Stadium

Bigastro’s Department of Works and Maintenance has started work on the refurbishment of the municipal sports centre and the El Molino football pitch.

The project aims to refurbish the sports facilities that suffered heavy flooding last winter so that they are ready for the start of the next season. During the heavy rains the water reached a height of almost one meter, completely submerging the stadium located in the Reguerón, right next door to the river Segura

The work has been delayed so that experts have been able to analyze different alternatives to remove the mud that had occupied the pitch, instead of replacing the surface.

Councilor José Manuel Maíquez said that “at first we were asked to remove the entire playing surface but we have now managed to find a company that can remove the mud that had been mixed with the playing area.” The heavy rains left a five centimetre layer of mud that has taken time to remove.

The work consists of the continuous brushing of the synthetic surface while removing large quantities of the rubber that had become unusable. The action will result in the replacement of more than 10,000 kilos of this material to get the surface back to its usual excellent condition.

There will also be some work carried out to the surrounding area which was also ruined during the flooding. The renovation will take place in the coming weeks. Both projects involve an investment of 64,000 euros.