Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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Say NO to Alcohol or Drugs

Last week, the Guardia Civil, assisted by the local, regional and National Police, were carrying out an extensive surveillance campaign looking for drivers who had consumed alcohol or drugs before driving, and as the season continues, so do the campaigns. Spain does have a prescribed limit, which is less than other countries, including the UK …

Worrying Number of Drivers Admit to Drink Driving

In an independent survey conducted by the RACE automobile association of Spain, as part of the European Fatigue Eurobarometer 2019, drivers revealed a worrying picture of the reality of drink driving, with the information revealing that, amongst other statistics, 14% of drivers on the roads of Spain claim to drive regularly under the influence of …

Almost Half of Road Traffic Fatalities had Consumed Alcohol or Drugs

In the latest data released relating to road traffic fatalities on the roads of Spain, it has been revealed that almost half of the drivers who lost their lives had consumed alcohol, drugs, or both prior to the incident which cost them their lives. In total, 535 drivers were killed on the roads in 2018, …

Two Hundred Thousand Tests – Three Thousands Fails

In the most recent focus on alcohol and drug consumption before driving, over 200,000 drivers were subjected to a roadside test, with over 3,000 failing. In total, during the campaign that took place earlier this month, 200,306 tests were performed on drivers to ascertain if they had consumed alcohol or drugs. For those drivers subjected …

Driver Loses 28 Points in a Week

A 34-year-old man from Galicia has had his driving licence withdrawn after losing 28 points in a single week. In the first incident the driver attempted to avoid and flee from an alcohol and drug checkpoint. A few days later he was intercepted by another patrol that subjected him to an alcohol and drugs test, …

Startling Increases in Criminal Behaviour

The office of the Attorney General has released advanced information relating to offences committed on the roads in 2018, revealing that alcohol and drug use is the most common crime. During 2018, the Public Prosecutor’s Office opened a total of 110,651 criminal proceedings for crimes against road safety, a figure that represents an increase with …