Friday, February 26, 2021
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Horadada cookery club

During the state of alarm, the Council organised the "Women's Cooking Club" which took place during the months of May and June, encouraging many...

Cooking Appliances to Save Time on Preparing Meals

In this age and day when we’re more conscious about our nutritional choices, everyone is a fan of delicious home-cooked meals. Unfortunately, we also...

How Can You Cook Healthy At Home?

Cooking is one of many people’s hobbies. While cooking can be an enjoyable thing to do at home, it could also be a route...

Future Master Chefs from Torrevieja

Torrevieja town hall is to give two scholarships to students to study the Master of Rice and Mediterranean Cuisine at the University of Alicante, to develop works based on the culture of salt and fishing and use of blue fish, products which feature in traditional Torrevieja gastronomy. The councillor for Tourism, Fanny Serrano, announced the …