A 'Looky Looky' man selling watches in the high street

After an appeal to curb the actions of the ‘Looky Looky’ men, and other illegal street traders, on the Cabo Roig strip, has been totally ignored by the Orihuela Council, it is now the turn of David Sánchez, President of the Association of Small and Medium Traders and Professionals in Torrevieja, Apymeco, to add his weight to the concerns that are being expressed as he has publicly denounced “the proliferation of organized illegal street vending groups” in Torrevieja and La Mata.

 Apymeco’s statement, which has also been endorsed by the Association of Merchants of Acequión District, chaired by Noelia Lozano , calls for “urgent and drastic measures to be taken against this problem, which in the high season is seriously damaging shops throughout the region.”

Several groups of traders, have addressed the presidents of both trade associations “to convey their distress, as they religiously pay their taxes, whilst the authorities continue to turn a blind eye to the activities of illegal traders.

As such, David Sanchez has now called on the local government to “take the appropriate measures and enforce the law against illegal street vendors, so that the local commerce in Torrevieja and La Mata, can continue to carry on their business activities, otherwise with the unfair competition that they are being subjected to, many say they will be forced to close their businesses, in the face of illegal competition “and” tax free “practices that are being adopted by these organized bands of street vendors.

Sánchez also asks “all the merchants of Torrevieja and La Mata, denounce as many times as they can, the presence of these illegal traders in their area.”

Apymeco and the merchants of the Acequión demand that the City council take measures to address the problem that is causing serious damage to the legal businesses







  1. These illegal vendors are a complete blight on Torrevieja seafront. It’s near impossible to have a meal without being bothered. Currently they are trading with impunity because a police presence is a rarity.