Three arrests for San Pedro Murder

All three of the suspects are now in Guardia detention

The three men who allegedly murdered a 71 year old woman whilst robbing her house in San Pedro del Pinatar in March have now all been arrested and detained in custody pending their trial.

The arrests all took place last last Friday, one in Madrid and the other two in coastal villages in Murcia.

All were ordered to be detained in custody following their appearance in San Pedro’s court number 4 at the weekend.

The three men, one of whom knew their victim, carried out the robbery on 19 March. As they removed jewellery and money from inside the house on Calle Alcalde José María Henarejos, they were challenged by the 71 year old occupant who they allegedly restrained and beat up.

The victim was found by her son when he visited his mother on the following day. She was said to be dead and with signs of violence. The house had been ransacked, the furniture upended and the drawers and closets were opened and in disarray.

The Guardia Civil were called but were unable to do anything for the victim. A spokesperson said that it seemed likely the victim had surprised her attackers whilst they were engaged in robbing her house.

Those arrested were all between the ages of 23 and 27. One was said the have been friendly with the victim and had visited her home on numerous occasions. The police said that it would seem likely that the woman had been murdered because she could identify one of the robbers.

All three have been charged with the crime of robbery with violence and intimidation.