Wednesday, May 12, 2021
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CMO Torrevieja Vaccination Centre Success


Monday saw the Torrevieja CMO social centre take on a different role as a mass vaccination centre. Proteccion Civil volunteers were on hand with the local police to ensure the flow of people into and out of the centre was carried out in the safest way possible, as queues worked their way outside the centre. …

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Mass Vaccination gets underway

Although there are still a small number of people, 80+ years of age, to be vaccinated, the Valencian Department of Health has now begun...

CMO Becoming Vaccination Centre


The CMO leisure centre in Torrevieja, the municipal building located next door to the Carrefour supermarket, is to me turned into a mass vaccination centre for the next stage in the battle against Covid. An emergency contract was awarded by the town hall to install the required fittings in the centre to allow the vaccinations …

The post CMO Becoming Vaccination Centre first appeared on This Is Torrevieja.

Most men over 60 will get the covid vaccine

Only weeks before it is scheduled to be rolled out, a study by the Generalitat reveals that acceptance of the coronavirus vaccine is improving...

Three Spanish Hospitals Set to Take Part in Clinical Trials of...

Spain will take part in clinical trials of Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine with 190 volunteers, said Health Minister Salvador Illa on 28 August....