Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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The euro and the pound in 2018

As everyone knows it is impossible to predict the currency markets. But we can have a look at some top City analysts’ predictions. For GBP/EUR...

Disappointment as the pound falls following interest rate rise

Currency Matters Most people don’t pay much attention to the exchange rate unless they are about to move some money or go on holiday. If...

Currency Does Matter… A Bit Like the Weather

Currency does matter. It shouldn’t but it’s a bit like the weather - we can’t control it, it’s often inconvenient and can upset our...

Slight recovery for pound against Euro and USD

Currency Matters This new series of weekly currency updates is of most interest to Brits living in Spain with a UK income or pension and...

Remember Teletext and the Peseta?!

Twenty years ago you would have used your High Street bank to buy Pesetas and send them to Spain. The only way you could...