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More Life Less Noise and Less Smoke


At 30 kilometres per hour there is more life. This is the motto chosen by the United Nations for the VI World Road Safety Week, which was celebrated between May 17 and 23, and which has practically coincided with the entry into force, in Spain, of the new speed limits for towns and cities. Along …

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Spain to introduce New Speed Limits in May


At the end of 2020, the DGT published a broad reform of the Traffic Law that aimed to improve the road safety on national highways. A series of changes that were approved shortly after, but are gradually coming into effect. This will happen with one of the most profound changes: these are the three new …

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Slow Down


In 2019, inappropriate speed was present in 6,049 road accidents, 8% of the total. In addition, 298 of them had fatalities, which represents 23% of all accidents. These data show that driving too fast continues to cause many casualties on the road. The generic maximum speed limits are set out in article 48 of the …

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Ryanair warns it may axe all UK flights from the end...

Ryanair may cut all flights from the UK and Ireland from the end of January as it blasted governments in both countries for their ‘draconian’ approach to Covid. The drastic warning came as the budget carrier said the new lockdowns will see January traffic fall to under 1.25 million passengers, and plummet further to 500,000 …

Watch your Speed!

All this week, there will be intensified surveillance on the roads of Spain which will concentrate on trying to combat one of the most deadly contributing factors to road safety, inappropriate speed. The campaign starts tomorrow, Monday, and runs through the week and weekend, culminating on Sunday evening, with every available traffic officer, supported by …