Saturday, March 28, 2020
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Animal Dangers

Although most drivers undergo at least the mandatory training before becoming qualified for the vehicle under their control, the same cannot be said for all road users, and one particular type are somewhat oblivious to the dangers that mixing with traffic can produce. Animals are capable of wandering freely onto the roads, and can be …

What do the green lines painted on some roads mean?

Some areas have been testing them since January, 2017, but given their success through the trial, you might see an increase in places where green lines are painted along the side of the road. But, what do they mean? You might think they are related to parking, like yellow or blue lines indicate restrictions, or …

The Spanish Number Plate System

The Spanish number plate system dates back to 1900, although the concept and layout has undergone a number of transformations since then, the latest format taking over a century later in September, 2000. Currently, the Spanish number plate is formed by the European symbol on the left hand side, in a tall band, then four …