Friday, March 5, 2021
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How to Legalise an Electric Scooter

We have explained at some length the difference between electric vehicles and which require registration and a driving licence. However, one question that is still arising is how one goes about registering a scooter that requires documentation. The first thing to remember is that the legislation in Spain has been brought about through the need …

The Spanish Number Plate System

The Spanish number plate system dates back to 1900, although the concept and layout has undergone a number of transformations since then, the latest format taking over a century later in September, 2000. Currently, the Spanish number plate is formed by the European symbol on the left hand side, in a tall band, then four …

Invitation to Breakfast with the Medical Director of Torrevieja Hospital

There is an open invitation from the Councillors for Health and Foreign Residents for all community leaders, administrators, solicitors, and anyone in a position...