Sunday, October 17, 2021
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A Hole in One by Percy Chattey

Life is a wonderful phantasmagoria of happenings and whimsical memories,  a kaleidoscope of the past relived as if it was yesterday. The current four...

Trust (Obsolete word)

I am just an old fashioned guy from East London – well West Essex really. Talking about events in the past is boring, but...

To Compare.

I am sure it was nothing to do with the booze … you know how it is friends you haven’t seen for a very...

A Long Journey

In growing old there is a wonderful feeling of contentment. Looking back over the wonders of the years, at the family and how they...

To the Rescue

So the UK, well not quite all of it as Northern Island has its foot in the door of Brussels, or maybe it’s the...

Diversity had a dream

I have a dream, is the name of Martin Luther King Jr.'s most famous speech, when he spoke of his desire for a future...

The Fickle Mind

What a strange and fickle world. Politics is even stranger. Sales people will tell you about ‘Buyer’s Remorse’.  It is when someone who is keen...

Loss of the traditional summer break

In this new World order I am not certain whether to be angry, just laugh at it or bang my head against the nearest...

New Fuel for a Car

At thirty years of age Federica  Ebonique Antonetta Rasmas  was a doctor in the field of nuclear energy working, in a large airy laboratory...