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2020: A bad year for road safety


2020, the year of the pandemic, has been a negative year for road accidents, according to a study of the accident data carried out by the insurer Línea Directa in collaboration with INTRAS. Although last year the number of traffic accidents reached historical lows, 870 deaths (24-hour count), the insurer has calculated what this figure …

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More Life Less Noise and Less Smoke


At 30 kilometres per hour there is more life. This is the motto chosen by the United Nations for the VI World Road Safety Week, which was celebrated between May 17 and 23, and which has practically coincided with the entry into force, in Spain, of the new speed limits for towns and cities. Along …

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Risky Riding


Speeding (29.3%), alcohol consumption (17.4%) and drugs (10.2%) are the risk factors that most influence a fatal motorcycle accident. As well as not wearing the helmet correctly – wearing an inadequate size, not fastening it, or adjusting it correctly -, which causes 6% of deaths in motorcyclists and 29% in moped drivers. These are the …

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Children on bikes


The role of the families and adults responsible for children is fundamental, setting an example as road users and teaching how to make good use of the bicycle. To reduce the risk of minors when they use the bicycle as a means of movement or leisure, the experts of the Alianza Española para la Seguridad …

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2.65 Million ‘ZOMBIE’ Vehicles


In Spain, 2,650,000 uninsured vehicles or ‘zombies’ are on the roads, most of them passenger cars (1.8 million), which represents almost 8% of the entire fleet, according to the study presented by the insurer Línea Directa, using data from the Registry of Vehicles of the DGT, of the Computer File of Insured Vehicles (FIVA) and …

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Spain to introduce New Speed Limits in May


At the end of 2020, the DGT published a broad reform of the Traffic Law that aimed to improve the road safety on national highways. A series of changes that were approved shortly after, but are gradually coming into effect. This will happen with one of the most profound changes: these are the three new …

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Buckling up is Not a Thing of the Past


The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) is launching a new media outreach campaign on the importance of wearing seat belts, at a time when indicators are showing less use. In 2020, with data on accidents that occurred on interurban roads within 24 hours, the percentage of deaths in passenger cars and vans that did not …

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Women Fear the Bike and Scooter


Only 12% of people choose sustainable mobility to get around the city. Men, 15%, and women, 10%. This is one of the main conclusions of the study presented by the chain of Midas workshops, #EllasConducenPorLaCiudad, and which is part of the #EllasConducen initiative, whose godmother is the motorcycle racer Ana Carrasco. By cities, the women …

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More than 28% of Drivers in Fear of Driving


More than 28% of drivers suffer from amaxophobia, that is, fear of driving. This affects men and women almost equally, although men are more reluctant to acknowledge it publicly. The CEA Foundation launched a specific group therapy 8 years ago, through which more than 500 drivers have already passed, 80% of whom have overcome their …

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Seat Belt Reluctance


Last year, despite mobility restrictions due to the pandemic, almost 2,900 drivers were reported on two or more occasions in the same year for not wearing a seatbelt. This is a large number of repeat drivers and a number that has changed little in recent years. A worrying fact if we take into account that, …

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Our good friends at Coys Rent a Car have compiled a useful guide to completing the European Accident Statement Form. COMPLETING AN ACCIDENT STATEMENT FORM In the event of an accident it is very important that you and any other party or parties involved complete the accident statement form. Do not rush into completing the …

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Scooters: Serious Injuries at 25km / h


A collision with an electric scooter, even at only 25 kilometres per hour, against a pedestrian or a vehicle can cause serious injuries. This is the main conclusion of the report, ‘Crash-tests of electric scooters, associated risks and recommendations for safe use’, carried out by Fundación MAPFRE in collaboration with CESVIMAP and which includes the …

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Airbags for Motorcyclists Campaign


The Asociación Nacional de Empresas del Sector de Dos Ruedas (Anesdor), an association which is formed of companies working in the two-wheeled motoring sector, along with the Real Automóvil Club de España (RACE), have launched a campaign which focusses on the use of airbags for motorcyclists. The campaign, accompanied by the hashtag #PonteUnAirbag, aims to …

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Slow Down


In 2019, inappropriate speed was present in 6,049 road accidents, 8% of the total. In addition, 298 of them had fatalities, which represents 23% of all accidents. These data show that driving too fast continues to cause many casualties on the road. The generic maximum speed limits are set out in article 48 of the …

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The Movement of our Eyes


We do not realise it, but the ability to see well, something fundamental when we drive, depends largely on eye movements. A study by a research group of the INTRAS (University Institute for Traffic and Road Safety Research), published in the scientific journal Plos One, has shown that it may be feasible to apply a …

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The Mini Eye in the Sky


Since 2019, the DGT has used eleven drones to monitor, control and manage traffic. They are primarily intended for traffic surveillance and, according to the rules that regulate its operation, “in particular through these systems, the following will be intensified: surveillance in risky sections; those aimed at the protection of vulnerable users of roads in …

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Pedestrians Watch Out!


We are a fundamentally a visual society. In fact, 80% of the information we receive comes through the eyes. This is especially relevant when driving a vehicle or traveling on foot. However, the most frequent phrase after a road traffic incident is that “I did not see it”, a phrase many of us have uttered …

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Forgetting the Rules


Has the Covid-19 pandemic changed your driving habits? According to the study presented by Autopistas, many drivers have adapted their driving, but not for the better, increasing speed, forgetting indicators, and not respecting safety. More speed The study has shown that 58% of light vehicles and 53% of heavy vehicles travel on motorways above the …

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More than 300 Deaths Caused by Distractions

For the fourth year in a row, distractions continue to be the leading cause of fatal traffic accidents. Specifically, in 2019, distraction appears as a concurrent factor in 28% of accidents with fatalities, with 359 deaths recorded. As a result of these alarming figures, the DGT launched an awareness campaign this week which aimed at …

Final Figures Released

Last year 1,755 people lost their lives in traffic accidents, according to the final balance from the General Directorate of Traffic. This figure includes people who died on interurban and urban roads during the 30 days after the accident occurred. The number of deceased people decreased by 3% compared to 2018, although the evolution has …

One dead and four seriously injured on N332 in El Campello...

A 19-year-old man from Cáceres who was on holiday in Alicante died on Wednesday in a traffic accident involving a head on crash between...

Reality Check

We all think we are better drivers than the next person, but the reality on the roads is that we often fall into a trap of drowsiness, tiredness, and distractions when driving, all of which are activities behind many traffic accidents, especially when it comes to long journeys. This is confirmed by the results of …

Get Set for a Safer Summer

The summer months often increase risks when driving, not only from the road environment, but also from within the vehicle. Sometimes, especially in the hot weather, the temptation to “relax” a little too much is greater, which we often see manifesting as feet up on the dashboard for passengers, or arms, and sometimes legs, extended …

I Forgot my Licence!

It is mandatory to carry your driving licence with you when you drive a car in Spain. The document also serves as an identity card and so there are benefits to having it with you other than the fact it is mandatory, however, there are occasions when we may forget to carry it or choose …

The New Normal brings with it the return of slow traffic...

The removal of mobility restrictions between Alicante and Murcia is causing the first problems in Orihuela Costa and Torrevieja, as traffic density increases, with...

Pollution returns with de-escalation

Just over a month ago we were reporting that the quality of the air on the Costa Blanca was the best that it had...

Insurance Green Card will Cease to be Green

When an insured vehicle travels to certain countries, the owner is responsible for ensuring that a “green card” is issued by the insuring company, however, from next year, that document when issued in Spain will no longer be green. As leading ex-pat insurer Ibex Insurance explained, after many years of working on the proposal initiated …

Driving on the Orihuela Costa

The salon de actos in Orihuela Costa town hall was packed to the rafters this week, as local residents gathered to learn more about...

New Year gets underway at U3A

Monday 27th saw the CMO building in Torrevieja filled almost to bursting point with over 360 members attending the first monthly meeting of the...

Málaga Testing Autonomous Bus

The city of Málaga is launching a test of an autonomous bus, which will be a pioneering experiment into the viability of new smart-city mobility projects. Although tests of autonomous buses have already been carried out in various locations, this one is the first to use a vehicle which is a standard-sized bus, rather than …