Monday, March 1, 2021
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San Javier international football star Marta missing her mother

By Andrew Atkinson EXCLUSIVE San Javier, Murcia born former Spain international football star Marta Penalver is looking forward to seeing her mother this year -...

Coronovirus ITALY – Marta in isolation in Italy

Quote: 'Every day there are more people infected - every day there are more deaths'. By Andrew Atkinson Leader EXCLUSIVE San Javier born Spain football...

San Javier football star Marta’s hat-trick in Serie A

By Andrew Atkinson Exclusive SAN Javier born Spanish capped womens football star Marta Penalver scored a hat-trick as Serie A Futsal Cagliari defeated Ragusa 6-1...

Spanish international Marta in San Javier with family at Christmas

Spanish international Marta Penalver returned to San Javier, Murcia, over the festive period to spend time with family at Christmas. "It was an unforgettable  Christmas...