Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Four arrested in Rafal for 250,000 euros DANA scam

The Alicante Civil Guard of Alicante has dismantled a criminal group that tried to defraud 250,000 euros from the Insurance Compensation Consortium that is...

Two arrested for arson in Los Montesinos

The Civil Guard has arrested two men in Los Montesinos as the alleged perpetrators of a crime of arson. It is thought their intention...

Spain-wide fraud nets Six million euro from dead people’s pensions

The National Police, in collaboration with the Secretary of State for Social Security, have uncovered a fraud valued at 6,357,510.68 euros made by the...

Dolores man collects dead mother’s pension for 7 years

The Civil Guard has arrested a 66-year-old man in Dolores, as alleged perpetrator of a crime against Social Security. He is said to have defrauded...

How to avoid frauds related to buying real estate

Purchasing a house is both a matter of joy and concern. The joy comes with the change at a certain point in life, but...

Costs of local high speed train works inflated by 626%

The judge investigating fraud in the costs of the reinstatement of irrigation networks resulting from the route taken by the High Speed ​​Train between...

Mayor of San Fulgencio on trial

The mayor of San Fulgencio, Carlos Ramirez (Partido Popular), appeared in court on Wednesday, where he was accused of fraud. If found guilty he faces...