Friday, June 5, 2020
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Government standardises sanctions for breaching the state of alarm

The Government has now sent a guide of standardised sanctions to be imposed on those who breach the restrictions introduced throughout the Spanish territory...

Drones Approved for Issuing Traffic Fines

Having undergone rigorous testing in numerous different locations and scenarios, the use of drones has now been approved for monitoring traffic violations and, more importantly, the evidence collected by them can be used for the issuing of fines and sanctions. The announcement was made by the DGT to coincide with one of the periods which …

Second Driver Fined for ‘Scooter’ Riding Without Licence

The second driver charged with riding an electric scooter without the appropriate licence has had the case concluded in court. In the first case, the driver was given community service, whereas in this second case the driver has suffered both a fine and a deprivation of his licence. The cases are as a result of …

Driver Loses 28 Points in a Week

A 34-year-old man from Galicia has had his driving licence withdrawn after losing 28 points in a single week. In the first incident the driver attempted to avoid and flee from an alcohol and drug checkpoint. A few days later he was intercepted by another patrol that subjected him to an alcohol and drugs test, …

Cyclists Give Cyclists a Bad Name!

In a relationship that seems to have developed into one of almost bitter rivalry, cyclists and other road users seem to be at constant odds. Sweeping statements like, “all cyclists go through red lights”, or, “cyclists think they own the road”, are grossly unfair, but it is true that this happens. Just like cyclists who …