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I Forgot my Licence!

It is mandatory to carry your driving licence with you when you drive a car in Spain. The document also serves as an identity card and so there are benefits to having it with you other than the fact it is mandatory, however, there are occasions when we may forget to carry it or choose …

Say NO to Alcohol or Drugs

Last week, the Guardia Civil, assisted by the local, regional and National Police, were carrying out an extensive surveillance campaign looking for drivers who had consumed alcohol or drugs before driving, and as the season continues, so do the campaigns. Spain does have a prescribed limit, which is less than other countries, including the UK …

Scooter Warning is Very Real

In November of last year we issued our first warning that the law would be changed in order to regulate some of the electric scooters which are becoming increasingly popular in Spain. Despite the first set of restrictions being implemented, it would appear that some people are still choosing not to believe the official information, …

How to Check your Points Online

The penalty points system in Spain was introduced in July, 2016, not only to penalise poor driving, but also to award those who drive safer. The system is the opposite to that of the UK, in so much as if you commit an offence you will be given points on your licence, in Spain you …

Smoking whilst Driving

It is currently not illegal to smoke whilst driving in Spain. However, the general consensus of a recent survey suggests it should be, if children are in the vehicle. There have been many stories shared through social media of drivers being fined for smoking, and although it is true that there are occasions when drivers …

Motorcycles: 10 Dangerous Infractions

May is recognised as Motorcycle Awareness Month, when warmer weather often means an increase in motorbikes on the road, and therefore a reminder to us all of the vulnerability of two-wheeled road users. However, we must also be aware that motorcyclists themselves must also play a part in their own road safety, and be aware …

Cyclists Give Cyclists a Bad Name!

In a relationship that seems to have developed into one of almost bitter rivalry, cyclists and other road users seem to be at constant odds. Sweeping statements like, “all cyclists go through red lights”, or, “cyclists think they own the road”, are grossly unfair, but it is true that this happens. Just like cyclists who …