Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Regional Football – Draw for Promotion and Relegation

Valencian Community Soccer Federation (FFCV) re-draw calendar for promotion/relegation in 1st Regional G10 By Andrew Atkinson The Valencian Community Soccer Federation has re-drawn the calendar...

FFCV postpone all football until January 31 due to coronavirus

By Andrew Atkinson The FFCV has postponed all football in territorial competitions until January 31 due to the ongoing coronavirus situation. At statement from the FFCV...

The 8 soccer leagues of Valencia and Alicante

By Andrew Atkinson All football 8 leagues of the Valencian Community Soccer Federation, with the exception of those in the province of Castellón, will start...

Prevention protocol against COVID-19 at federal level

By Andrew Atkinson In accordance with government resolutions, the FFCV has prepared a Protocol on Protection and Prevention against COVID-19 in training, friendlies and competition. In...

Coronavirus: Sport, SPAIN and the FFVC

Quote: 'United as a team we can move forward' - FFCV By Andrew Atkinson Chief  sports editor THE Football Association of Valencia has pointed to...

FFCV suspends football, due to COVID-19 crisis

By Andrew Atkinson Chief sports editor THE Federation of Soccer of the Valencian Community has suspended all football matches, due to the crisis of COVID-19. The...