Sunday, April 5, 2020
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Drones used to calibrate temperatures in Mazarron

Mazarron Civil Protection Drone useage to Calibrate temperature Warning of disinfection in Alicante-Murcia provinces Supermarket employee reveals people continue to break the lockdown...

Fifteen Hundred Fatalities around Dolores

Whilst insurance companies are still calculating the material costs of the damage caused by the recent flooding across the region, and friends and families still mourning those who lost their lives, the department of justice has already counted 1,450 animals that perished in the waters caused by the DANA. The regional minister for justice, Gabriela …

Drones Approved for Issuing Traffic Fines

Having undergone rigorous testing in numerous different locations and scenarios, the use of drones has now been approved for monitoring traffic violations and, more importantly, the evidence collected by them can be used for the issuing of fines and sanctions. The announcement was made by the DGT to coincide with one of the periods which …