Sunday, October 17, 2021
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New protocol to exchange UK Driving Licence

As you know, one of the key actions for UK Nationals living in Spain is to exchange your UK driving licence for a Spanish...

I Forgot my Licence!

It is mandatory to carry your driving licence with you when you drive a car in Spain. The document also serves as an identity card and so there are benefits to having it with you other than the fact it is mandatory, however, there are occasions when we may forget to carry it or choose …

UK Drivers Granted 7-Month Photocard Licence Extension

If you are a habitual resident in Spain, you should have already exchanged your driving licence for the Spanish equivalent. However, holders of a UK driving licence have been granted an extension by the UK Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, DVLA. According to the DVLA, in order to make it easier for drivers who need …

Scooter Warning is Very Real

In November of last year we issued our first warning that the law would be changed in order to regulate some of the electric scooters which are becoming increasingly popular in Spain. Despite the first set of restrictions being implemented, it would appear that some people are still choosing not to believe the official information, …

UK Driving Licences not valid in Spain after BREXIT

Expats who intend to remain in Spain following BREXIT and who are not in possession of a Spanish Driving Licence will not be allowed...