Saturday, March 6, 2021
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Bad Week for Vulnerable Road Users

This week has seen a number of incidents involving some of the more vulnerable road users in the Alicante province, with a number of incidents, one of which proved fatal. An 80-year-old woman was hospitalised in a serious condition on Thursday after her cycle was in collision with a truck on the N-332 in Benidorm. …

Cycle Tour on Pre-Tour Tour

Champion cyclists are working their way around the country at the moment, stopping off far and wide for photo calls, all as part of a promotional campaign to make sure everybody knows the importance of this year´s cycling tour of Spain, La Vuelta. This year, the race is even more important for the local area …

Cyclists Give Cyclists a Bad Name!

In a relationship that seems to have developed into one of almost bitter rivalry, cyclists and other road users seem to be at constant odds. Sweeping statements like, “all cyclists go through red lights”, or, “cyclists think they own the road”, are grossly unfair, but it is true that this happens. Just like cyclists who …