Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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Spain Considers Offering Restriction-Free Entry for Vaccinated Brits


Spain’s government has unfolded its plans to create a “green corridor” for all citizens of the United Kingdom who have been vaccinated against the Coronavirus if the European Union fails to reach an agreement on vaccination documents. Spain’s Tourism Minister Fernando Valdés has confirmed that the country is seeking to reach a mutual agreement with …

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Future Master Chefs from Torrevieja

Torrevieja town hall is to give two scholarships to students to study the Master of Rice and Mediterranean Cuisine at the University of Alicante, to develop works based on the culture of salt and fishing and use of blue fish, products which feature in traditional Torrevieja gastronomy. The councillor for Tourism, Fanny Serrano, announced the …

Surfing Torrevieja

Torrevieja´s councillor for beaches, Javier Manzanares, has begun the process of amending the municipal ordinance to allow surfing in an area of the town. An area of the beach at La Mata is destined to be allocated as a surfing zone following an agreement reached with local surfers and the surf school. The location is …