For obvious reasons, over the past two years, people all over the world have had more hours to spend on hobbies, pastimes and indulge in other activities in the time they would have usually spent commuting and socializing.

Some of this time has been used to build on skills, or to revisit past traditions, while others have focused on relaxing and enjoying time alone. Whatever it is, everyone seems to have discovered one. But there are some those activities that have taken the world by storm. These don’t involve binge-watching TV shows on Netflix, but instead are slightly more left-field than some you may have thought.

1 Vaping

Vaping has become popular among adults. It is a pastime that has been embraced by many different cultures around the world. Vaping has expanded so much that you can get different flavors of vape juice. There is a wide range of stores that sell vape products, and many specialist stores that offer some of the best e-juice on the market.

There is a multitude of reasons why people might choose to vape, which has really taken off in the last decade for a variety of reasons.

Vaping has become popular among adults.

2 Making videos

Making videos, especially during the pandemic, has become a massive pastime for many. This is mainly through using apps like TikTok and Instagram. People of all ages have been using these platforms to demonstrate their creativity through makeup, editing, and DIY.

People have also used the app to spread awareness and teach others about subjects, whether that be neurodiversity and activism, beauty and routines, or even giving online lessons on subjects and giving hints and tips about coping with mental health. It has become a huge community that has helped thousands and has also created a fun space for people of all ages to express themselves and help educate others.

3 Being eco-friendly

Some would argue that being eco-friendly was a lifestyle choice rather than a hobby, but more and more people have found creative ways to make their lives more sustainable and have made this into a pastime. Whether this is making products out of recycled materials, being creative about how they reuse items that cannot be recycled or have just tried to get their waste number lower, many people have made being eco-friendly into a fun and relaxing pastime while helping the planet.

To wrap things up

Some activities have taken the world by storm in the past two years. This has been massive for some overlooked communities and for individuals looking for relaxation or an extra income. Most of the hobbies that have become particularly popular are those that have appealed to audience members of all ages, such as making videos and becoming more eco-friendly.

Of course, there have been other ways in which people have spent their time, but, regardless of what those hobbies, pastimes or activities involved, they have provided a alternative to just binge-watching TV programs on Netflix.