The Spanish Red Cross Mojácar Assembly has celebrated the 2nd Edition of the Cookery Competition, which it organises annually for the people included its Comprehensive Care for the Elderly Programme.

It couldn’t be held last year due to the health restrictions and the lockdown, but once it was possible to resume nearly all activities, it was the elderly themselves who asked for the return of this competition.

It’s very simple: each participant prepares their favourite dish at home and takes it to the Mojácar Red Cross facilities, where everyone can try each one while having a good time outdoors in the company of their companions.

The competition has its rules and its jury however. For this second edition, the Mojácar Mayor, Rosa María Cano, local authority Councillor, Raquel Belmonte, and Area Health Manager and regular collaborator with the Mojácar Assembly, Isabel Martinez, had the tough job of choosing the best dish and therefore the winner.

First prize went to Mar Sierra Granda, with a delicious Christmas cake which everyone enjoyed. Her prize, a coffee maker, was presented by the Mojácar Mayor, Rosa María Cano, in the presence of the jury, as well as the Red Cross Mojácar Assembly President, Concepción Rivero, and the specialist Rosa Vicente.

The Mojácar Mayor highlighted the quality of all the dishes presented, as well as their flavour and presentation, in which “you noticed the expert hand of someone who has spent a lifetime in the kitchen.”

All the participants, a total of 36 seasoned cooks, received a gift for their work and for their interest, donated by, among others, the well-known chain of stores Zara Home.

A fun day with which all the Red Cross Spain Mojácar Assembly activities restart.

Although this humanitarian institution has never stopped serving the most important needs of our elderly, despite the pandemic. They have continued with their expert assistance and local service, with periodic calls to check on these people and offer them useful information, among other actions.

From today onwards the accompanying, the active ageing workshops, the healthy habits activities and helping elderly people use new technology also resume.