The Civil Guard found the lifeless body of a 24-year-old Finnish woman on Thursday evening in Cala de la Zorra, Torrevieja. Their search continued, however, for a man who was with her at the time.

Both had disappeared into the sea early Thursday afternoon after, according to eyewitnesses, they jumped from the cove. At the time the waves were said to be intense and very strong as a result of which the pair quickly disappeared into the sea.

A Civil Guard helicopter spent hours scouring the area, eventually finding the woman’s body near Punta Margalla, about three kilometres from where they had jumped from the rocks.

Later in the day a police spokesmen said that it appeared to have been just a tragic accident as the wife of the disappeared man explained that the three were exploring the cove, when her friend jumped into the sea and began to drown. Her husband then jumped in trying, unsuccessfully, to rescue her, but both were swept away by the strong waves in a rocky area that was difficult to access.

Unfortunately the strong waves and the lack of visibility forced the search for her 23-year-old Russian partner to be suspended.