uFor many months, the Los Montesinos Council has been working on a process of digitising records, photos and reports of the town’s patron saint festivals dating back to 1968 so that members of the public will have access to them on the municipal website.

They are usually held in the municipal library, which is located in the Sociocultural Center “Remedios Muñoz”. The digitisation of these historical publications prevents them from being lost, taking into account that very few copies of the early fiestas were published and have been preserved.

At the same time, this digitisation process will also allow “youngsters as well as those who have settled in the municipality, to see how the patron saint festivities of yesteryear were celebrated and how the municipality was organised in earlier times ”, according to the councillor for fiestas, Alejandro Espí.

The process of scanning the publications and records, which has lasted for several months, has been carried out by the staff of the Los Montesinos Employment Workshop.

Mayor José Manuel Butrón said that the council is also in the process of digitising much more of its historical documentation, that is kept in local archives, with the purpose of making them easier to consult and preventing them from ‘dying’ in archives, where they are exposed to deterioration due to the passage of time.”