When you watch professional basketball players play on the court, they make the sport look very straightforward, however there is so much that goes on behind the scenes with these players, it takes numerous years of hard work and dedication to perform at the highest level of basketball, in fact, in all sports.

If you want to be a good basketball player or even want to play on a professional level, this article focuses on the skills you should be constantly working on.

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Footwork & Dribbling

Focusing on your footwork and dribbling with the ball should be one of the first skills to master. Why is dribbling the first and most important skill to learn? It’s quite straightforward; you can’t go around with a basketball without dribbling it, if you are then that’s known as carrying and that’s not aloud.

Dribbling is simplest approach to move from one place in a scoring position. If you know how to dribble or handle the ball, you can get past defenders, start an offence, and create chances for your teammates for them to score.


Passing is considered the most difficult talent to master in basketball because it demands a specific attitude as well as a high degree of awareness and intelligence to send the ball to a teammate on target and on time while under pressure.

There are numerous passes to perfect, including the bounce pass, chest pass, outlet pass, and many others.

Even the majority of professional basketball players aren’t great passers because it’s such a difficult ability to master within the game. Did you know? only 45 players out of 400 in the 2019-2020 NBA season are averaging at least five assists per game.