Garden Felix – Livingstone Daisies

Garden Felix - Livingstone Daisies
Garden Felix - Livingstone Daisies

Livingstone Daisies may only be 10cm high – but the hardy annuals pack a real punch!

To see them en-masse with their iridescent daisy flowers, in shades of yellow, orange, pink and purple, will immediately bring a smile to your face.

Frost hardy, these succulent annuals will flower from mid winter into spring.

They perform extremely well in hot and dry conditions – making them perfect for growing in the Vega Baja – as well as rockeries, pots and containers, or as an edging plant.

Garden Felix

Livingstone Daisies love the sun, so much so, on cloudy days they will close their flowers!

Choose a full-sun position and sow seed from early autumn to early winter, in all climates.

Soil preparation is minimal, as they can tolerate poor soils, as long as it is free-draining.

Seed can be sown in pots or direct in the soil; seeds are small, so take care to spread evenly.

It also needs darkness to germinate, so ensure seed is covered with soil, but not too thickly. Water in to get the seeds off to a good start.

Germination will take up to three weeks, so keep soil moist, but, not wet throughout this period, as overwatering can cause seedlings to rot.

Livingstone daisies will grow and flower without any fertilising, but if you want bigger plants and more flowers then apply a fertiliser every 2-4 weeks.

As a succulent they require less watering than other annuals and will cope with periods of dryness.

Dead-head as the hot weather appears and give them a good shake to spread the seeds about, ready for next year.

Snails and slugs like to eat the seedlings, so check the plants and hand pick any off.  Watch out for caterpillars too, as they can also cause damage.