• The intention is to teach foreign languages, which will include the teaching of Spanish

The Official Language School (EOI) could open a satellite college in Orihuela Costa, according to the Department of Education.

On Friday the councillors José Aix and Antonio Sánchez held a working meeting with the management team from Orihuela’s Language School to discuss various matters of interest. Among them, the main objective promoted by both parties and on which work has already begun, is the opening of a section of the EOI in Orihuela Costa that would offer tuition in foreign languages ​​and would also incorporate the teaching of Spanish as a language foreign.

The councillor for Education, Antonio Sánchez, explained the need to “strengthen ties between the council and the language school and, above all, promote the educational offer that it has made. ” In this way, we hope to establish a collaborative framework to carry out common activities so that we can promote language learning in Orihuela.

Deputy mayor, José Aix, said that “this step will also be a commitment to the territorial cohesion of the municipality of Orihuela and to the integration of international residents in the day-to-day life of our city.

” The Department of Education has already made the appropriate contacts with the idea of ​​being able to offer this service in the next year, as long as the Education Department gives its approval to the initiative.

The Orihuela EOI, with more than 1,000 students, is located on Avenida Príncipe de Asturias, is currently enrolling students for a range of languages ​​in English, Valencian, French and German.

Anyone who is interested in registering may do so at www.telematricula.es.

“More information is available at the EOI website www.eoi.gva.es,” said Sergio Rodríguez, EOI director.

Finally, the participants agreed to meet again once the new term is underway, when they will plan joint extracurricular cultural and educational actions to give greater visibility to the work of the EOI and to further integrate it into the cultural and social life of Orihuela.