Earlier this week members of Carp-R-Us and The Lime Bar cleared some paths and new pegs on the stretch of the Segura termed Eden 2.

Some of these were included in this week’s rather underwhelming match on this stretch. The river looked in good condition with a decent level and flow, but the fish just did not seem interested, in fact most anglers found that from around 11.30 on, bites just stopped.

Winner, and again proving age is just a number, was Roy Buttress with 2.95kg from peg 2 caught on feeder and corn, second was Roy Dainty from peg 1 with 2.74kg caught using pole and bread tactics. Third was Jeremy Fardoe, on one of the new pegs, who dug out and old Avon float and caught2.35kg down the edge using bread and corn. Fourth was Willy Moons with 1.31kg.

On behalf of the clubs who did the work on pegs here and Bigastro, could we ask that anyone fishing these stretches just spends a couple of minutes before or after a session either cutting back any reeds they see have grown up in the pegs or just take a walk along the paths to keep the undergrowth trampled down. Thank you.

Further information about the club can be found on its website www.carp-r-us.weebly.com  or on Facebook page Carp-R-Us Fishing Costa Blanca.