Torrevieja Pool League chairman Alan Boswell.
Torrevieja Pool League chairman Alan Boswell.

By Andrew Atkinson

Torrevieja Pool League chairman Alan Boswell has announced the resumption of the Winter league amid the coronovirus pandemic which decimated fixtures during the last year.

“Representatives of teams attended a meeting this month to enter the new 2021-22 Winter league to start early October,” said Boswell.

Fixtures were postponed during Covid-19, that also lead to the 2021 Summer league being scrapped, due to health and safety.

“After great thought and deliberation it was decided not to run a 2021 summer competition,” said Boswell.

“Another meeting will be held at the end of the month for teams to collect their paperwork and fixtures for the 2021-22 Winter league campaign,” added Boswell.

Three Divisions have been formed for the 2021-22 Winter League:

Division 1 Britannia A, Fire Station (BW), Quiet Man, Office Aces, Santana A, Terreza Bar next door; Unity Bar.

Division 2: Britannia B, Fire Station (Rolex), Office Bulls, The Courtyard A, Marie’s Rendezvous, Mi Sol, Santana B, Murphs, Racin Toast II, Oasis.

Division 3: Reflections, Micky’s Bar, The George, Deja Vu Sports Bar, Laguna, Irish Abbey, Thirsty Boot, The Courtyard B.