Carp-R-Us continued their Autumn Series on the Rio Segura at Bigastro/Jacarilla. Members of the Lime Bar and Carp-R-Us clubs have done a lot of work on this stretch and there are now at least 14 pegs plus paths down from the road and along the river.

The weather was again very hot, the temperature was 35 degrees when the match finished, a light breeze just about making this bearable.

It was obvious from the results that the further downstream you were, the better the fishing, although some would say (i.e., Ken and Tony) that it was the better fisherman were on the downstream pegs!

First, with his first club victory, was Ken Wilcock with 7.64kg from the end peg caught on feeder and bread and second, from the adjacent peg and again a personal best result, was Tony Flett with 2.36kg caught on feeder and corn.

Third and fourth were separated by just 20g with Willy Moons with 1.76kg just pipping Ann Fowles.

Further information about the club can be found on its website  or on our Facebook page Carp-R-Us Fishing Costa Blanca.