Gazanias – Treasure Flowers – will give a showy annual bloom in a sunny garden or container.

Care of Gazania flowers is virtually non-existence and is excellent grown as an ornamental ground cover, up to 6-18 in high/spread, trailing on the ground.

Easy-to-grow, tolerant of poor, dry or sandy soil, heat and salty spray don’t deter its growth or beautiful blossoms, making it perfect for  ocean-front growing.

With showy blooms in vivid shades of red, yellow, orange, pink and white and can be two tone or multicoloured in early summer, through early autumn.

Garden Felix

Care is simple and does not involve much, other than watering and dead-heading. Although drought resistant, you can expect more and bigger blooms when watered.

You can grow Gazanias, by planting seeds directly into the ground or container. Propagate cuttings in autumn and overwinter indoors.

Plant cuttings in 4 in pots, in good quality potting soil. Plant rooted cuttings in Spring, at 24-30 in apart, keep watered until plants are established, then water every two weeks throughout summer.