Ciudadanos councillors José Aix and Luisa Boné have criticised the mayor, Emilio Bascuñana. accusing him of interfering in Human Resources and of “paralysing” the recruitment processes for the municipal police

A new recruitment campaign has recently started but it does so as the last one ended, with disagreements between the two government coalition parties.

The two councillors say that Bascuñana “is putting municipal stability in Orihuela at risk with his decisions”.

They explained, Bascuñana has approved teleworking in ​​the Municipal Secretariat because of the refurbishment works being carried out in the Marqués de Arneva Palace, seat of the City Council, which prevent people attending their offices for the next several weeks.

They said that this ‘decree’ is a “new interference” by the mayor in a matter that is the exclusive responsibility of the Human Resources Department led by Luisa Boné (C’s).

“In the Government agreement signed more than two years ago, the competences in Human Resources rests with Luisa Boné and it is she who must make the decisions in this area. The mayor is assuming powers that are not his own and he is also making decisions that are not his own. This puts coexistence between the coalition partners in the Government at serious risk”, José Aix has said.

Luisa Boné added that “The mayor has had the recruitment processes for the municipal police paralysed for almost a year because he wanted to approve all staffing matters, all this despite the lack of officers in the municipality has.”

This situation, Aix continued, “puts the relationship between the PP and Ciudadanos at serious risk. The instability in the government is obvious. We cannot allow our areas of responsibility to be usurped”.