Percy’s Ramblings

The innocence of childhood! Running around without a worry in the world. How many adults can remember being four years old – I have a brief memory of helping my father in cutting the lawn. Another thought of the time is I was a boy, and my sister was a girl – simple.

That appears to have changed since the rainbow influence has come in to being, as I read a report that a school has been allowed to question four year olds, they are to be quizzed about their sex and whether they would prefer to be something else, all this without the involvement of the parents. That is a very strong liberty and no doubt confusing and upsetting for the children.

Surely it is not until a lot later that it become an issue for a person, when the natural body function takes control, for some to discover the sexual thoughts are different for the tackle they have. Even then it is too early for life changing decisions to be taken.

There is the sad story of the fourteen year old girl who, after discussions with ‘experts’, decided she was in the wrong body. She was put on a course of tablets to change her natural development to the opposite. The change was many years long and painful. There was the need for operations and more drugs and after almost ten years, and the process still not complete, she discovered it had all been a mistake and she did not want to be a member of the opposite sex.

Influencing the young to be anything other than what they are is dramatic for any person and cannot possibly be right, and in my mind it should be an illegal practise. Any suggestion about delving into deep thoughts about a child’s personality is certainly confusing for the youngster, and to be told they can be anything they want to be, in some ways is correct, but in the end, they are either boy or girl.

When they get to adulthood, that is the time to think about alternatives, and another certainty is there are only two choices, man or woman, bestowed on all of us by nature. There are none others, just misconception developed by the mind of people.

The recent situation of the American troops being pulled out of Afghanistan is, in my view, a disaster waiting to happen, but enough has been said about it. I am more interested in where things will go from here. Of course, they may have had to withdraw because they cannot recruit enough soldiers to keep the garrison up to strength. If we are teaching children to be snowflakes how will we make fighting men out of them?

There is a rumour doing the rounds that the White House that dominates Washington DC is to be renamed The Blanco Biden Rest Home – okay I made that up, but I should think the Oval Office should be shut, which must be confusing  for  someone with a poor memory.

In the United States it seems to me the Democrats are more interested in feathering their own nest than working for what the USA stands for and the quality of life of its citizens

There is the story of the ‘Trojan Horse’ where a cunning aggressor was unable to take control of a castle because of its high walls, so he made peace and as a present built a large wooden horse hiding his soldiers inside it. The owners of the castle, thinking the war was over, opened the gates and with open arms accepted the present only to be overrun with their enemies’ warriors. I just wonder if any of the dinghies crossing the English Channel are called Trojan?

Nearly a thousand immigrants arrived in the UK, swanning up the beaches in one day, apparently without a care and a determination of knowing where they were going. Where do they go? Why aren’t they stopped?

The United Kingdom Government is structured with a large majority by a party which is more to the right of the spectrum and whilst it has made strong words about controlling refugees very little seems to have been done. Why?

My thoughts are, there are large areas of the UK controlled by Local democratically voted Mayors of a different persuasion than Westminster and even religion. They may not have the power to contravene but certainly the ability to water down proposals by the central Administration.

To make my point there have been many press reports of certain areas, mainly cities, being controlled by Muslim law and not the regulations of the land. Local administrations are more interested in promoting their own views and laws and not those of the host country.

Finally, we are told that Muslim Families are large, and the British Centre of Administration are to give funds to local councils to buy large houses for homes of the Afghan immigrants. My maths works it out this way. If these families are twelve and more strong and a normal English family is around four or five people, does it make an imbalance sometime in the future as the British way of life disappears. Perhaps what we are seeing with the Taliban will be a side show to future events.

I worry for my GrandChildren and the little ones following on behind.  Take care chattey  All my award winning work is available on Amazon and Kindle including the ‘Story Telling®’ series of short stores .