By Andrew Atkinson

Health centres in the Valencia region, including Alicante province, have dealt with 8,677 jellyfish and insect bites – down 80% on 2019 data of 39,500 cases.

Summer months have the highest concentration of insect, jellyfish and other arthropod bites which require medical attention in the Valencia region.

It is the second decrease in the last two years, with the 2020 initial Covid-19 pandemic playing a part in data.

“The decline is due to mobility restriction measures, people are spending less time outdoors,” said the regional health department.

Spraying campaigns to curtail mosquitos and early warnings of jellyfish sightings along the Costa Blanca coastline have been undertaken, notably by Torrevieja City Council after plaques forming.

Warning flags being displayed in La Mata

Health centre data shows 8,677 people have sought medical attention for bites and stings, compared to 11,768 in the same period of 2020 and 39,500 in 2019.

The regional Ministry of Health recommends wearing clothing that covers the extremities on field trips or evening walks; suitable footwear on the beach and in the mountains and being aware for jellyfish alerts, prior to entering the sea.

Giant jellyfish – Rhizostoma Luteum – weighing of up to 40 kilos are off the coast of Granada.