A couple has been arrested in Callosa de Segura for selling rituals and administering hallucinogenic substances. The 42 and 38-year-old couple in Vega Baja allegedly performed rituals with illegal psychotropic substances such as ayahuasca or bufo toad scales, as a practice carried out under the “international ancestral medicine”.

The pair, who are said to be the president and secretary of an association that performed rituals under the effect of psychotropic substances are charged with the crime against public health.

They formally registered their association in June 2019 at which time it was suspected that both the purposes and activities of the group could be detrimental to health and public safety.

In the viewing and analysing videos of the rituals that they uploaded on the internet and to social networks, it was seen that clients consumed in liquid form or inhaled behavioral drugs given to them by the master of ceremonies) while she blocked their breathing so that they would hold the smoke inside them longer.

As a result of this practice, they convulsed and fell to the ground in a state of unconsciousness.

In performing these activities neither of the perpetrators possessed any professional qualification which could represent a serious threat to health.

Those now detained offered full weekend stays over the internet, charging clients between 75 and 150 euros per session, depending on the substance to be consumed. The cost for a full weekend was up to 350 euros.