• Quote: ‘The Dirección General de Tráfico campaign 780 speed radars; 39 drones; 12 helicopters; 15 unmarked vehicles; 216 seatbelt and mobile phone detection cameras’

By Andrew Atkinson

Spain’s summer season hits its peak on the roads this month, with the national roads authority DGT forecasting 91.2 million trips, with a plethora of devices in place to monitor traffic.

The Dirección General de Tráfico campaign has a total of 780 speed radar devices active; 39 drones; 12 helicopters; 15 unmarked vehicles and 216 seatbelt and mobile phone detection cameras on the road network.

The DGT has revealed the specific areas where the drones will fly, which can lead to fines if you fail to use a seatbelt or use a mobile phone while driving.

“The drones are intended to detect reckless behaviour on the road and monitor traffic in sections of roads at a high risk of accidents,” said a DGT spokesperson.

The devices fly at a height of 120 metres and can reach a maximum speed of 80 kph, and are able to detect offences committed one or two kilometres away from the drone.

The DGT, reveal the 39 drones have 40 minutes flight time, high-definition cameras.

During August there will be two drones Valencia with 15 in Madrid amongst provinces across Spain.

“Offences may be notified immediately by a Guardia Civil officer or later by post, and be accompanied by a frame showing the violation,” added the DGT spokesperson.

The most common offences are use a mobile phones whilst driving – resulting in up to a €200 fine –  six points on a licence. None use of a seatbelt, fines of up to €200 euros and the loss of three points are made.

Guardia Civil traffic checkpoint