In Guardamar it was announced that a Scandinavian couple had tragically drowned.

A statement by Guardamar del Segura Mayor José Luis Sáez confirmed said the deceased were Scandinavian: “It had been a difficult day with several rescues carried out by the Lifeguards and bathers taken to hospital.

“The red flag was flying and Lifeguards had notified bathers to obey the warnings and respect the signs for danger,” said the Mayor.

The incident occurred, due to heavy seas, with strong currents and easterly winds.

Zena Emanuel from St Albans, who lives in Sax with her husband Robert, said: “Myself and husband are both 70 and are pretty good swimmers, but we don’t go swimming in the sea now, as we have trouble getting out.

“If it’s windy the waves can knock you over and you can’t get back up easily, at our age.  “The waves pull you under and drag you back in. We have had to hold on to one another for balance.

“You lose your footing, therefore we don’t go sea swimming. It would have to be very calm and  shallow, but sadly, nearly always it’s windy and rough.”

Joia Tulloch from London, said: “I was in Guardamar in one of the apartments, near Roqueta beach.

“There were many people in the water – while the red flag was flying – I also saw an ambulance and police mopeds, along with Lifeguards in the area.

“It’s really sad – but I don’t know why people take the risk.”

Leslie Vandenbruwaene, from Kortrijk, said: “Lifeguards had their hands full of people – who wouldn’t listen. We saw the accident and still people disregarded what the Lifeguards said.”

In Mil Palmeras a drowning was also reported on August 3.