Pulmonaria ‘Diana Clare’ – lungwort – is a semi-evergreen plant that has short stalks of dark violet blue funnel-shaped flowers, from late winter to late spring.

They look good in groups or massed as ground cover in a shaded garden, and also make an effective edging plant.

Its leaves emerge apple green in colour with a spotted border, and age to become eventually completely covered in a pure silver sheen, that provides a beautiful display attractive all season.

Its flowers’ transition from their starting colour of violet blue to purple, then into pink.

Pulmonaria are fabulous shade loving plants with semi-evergreen foliage which remain attractive, as long as they are planted in rich, moist, well drained soil.

They need adequate moisture throughout the summer, as its prone to become dormant in extended dry spells.

Afternoon shade is a must to avoid scorching the leaves.

A low maintenance plant that requires to be cut-back on any tired looking foliage during midsummer, which will promote a flush of new growth.

For optimal performance, divide the plant every 4-6 years, immediately after flowering, or in early autumn as the original plant will have quadrupled in size.

Garden Felix