• Chairs placed onto roads to reserve car parking illegal

By Andrew Atkinson

The local police in Los Alcázares have stamped down on residents placing chairs onto the road outside their houses – in a bid to keep themselves a car parking space.

“No particular parking reservation is allowed under a self-reserve system,” said a police officer.

“We all have the right to use the public roads. To get a parking licence they must apply,” added the spokesperson.

Resident, Raquel Alcobas Mendez said: “This is historic in Los Alcázares and if they do not like where you park, they give you the evil eye – or they scratch your car.”

The car parking dilemma has escalated in recent weeks, with fingers pointed at restaurants and bars putting out tables and chairs onto roads, and occupying car parking spaces.

“The owners of bars that have terraces and further occupy public spaces must be stopped,” said one.

With the summer holidays in full swing thousands of additional cars are on the roads, mainly driven by holidaymakers, where arguments are aplenty within neighbourhoods with the local Policia regularly called in.

Check you can park in your chosen area, otherwise you may be subject to a fine.

Never park at a yellow curb, in front of dropped curbs, gates, or garages, where you see no parking signs or no through road signs.

Take note of where other vehicles park, as in some areas you can only park during certain days of the month.

Be warned that illegally parked vehicles can be towed away, subject to a fine to retrieve a vehicle.